A child's bedroom shelf with some toys and a picture frame with an art print and a quote inside.

Nostalgic Vintage Quotes and Free Art Prints for Home Decor

I love vintage quotes! Years ago I received a flip book of quotes and I keep it in my room. I turn a new page everyday and read a new quote while I’m getting ready in the morning.

A child's room shelf with toys and an art frame with a vintage quote and art print in it.

I love to start the day off this way. It gives me a positive start to my day and gives me inspiration or a new way of looking at things.

I’ve curated this lovely collection of vintage quotes that I personally love. I know you will be able to find something that speaks to you!

I’ve decided to pair each quote with a unique art print to add even more value to this collection!

Words of wisdom

There are so many inspirational people who we can still learn from today. While we are bombarded by media telling us what we should be and how we should think on a daily basis, it is nice to push that aside and remember some vintage words of wisdom that have stood the test of time.

How to print my artistic quotes

The art prints are FREE for your personal use in PDF format. This means they are easy to print at home in convenient 8.5″ x 11″ standard paper size.

For best results use matte photo paper or cardstock. Or, get them done professionally at your local print shop.

Pick your favourite vintage quotes and make a beautiful gallery wall, add some beauty and whimsy to a child’s bedroom, or in a beautiful frame where you’ll see it in the morning to remind you to start the day off right!

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A nursery with a crib. There is a plant beside and a framed print with a vintage quote on the wall of a mother holding a baby.
Disclosure: These art prints are digitally designed by me. With the help of AI and generative programs. For this reason they are original copyrighted works and are intended for personal use only. Unauthorized reproduction, sale, distribution or commercial sale of these art works is prohibited without the artists consent. Thank you! For more info visit image use policy.

Quotes about love

From poets, author, and artists alike. Love is the inspiration behind much of what we say and do.

These vintage quotes are perfect for young and the young at heart! Perfect for a child’s bedroom walls to remind them they are safe and adored, as a special gift, or to add interest to a gallery wall . These quotes are timeless.

With simple and peaceful artwork to compliment each vintage quote, these are the perfect way to add beauty to any room.

This beautiful love collection comes in a variety of styles to suit the look you want for your own home.

Click here to enter the art quotes library! There are over 20 beautiful printables for you to choose from!

Inspirational quotes about life

Life is full of ups and downs. This collection of vintage quotes remind us that there is always hope and goodness and that change are always possible.

Inspirational quotes can give us that nudge and positive outlook to keep moving forward towards our goal and help us overcome obstacles.

These quotes also offer comfort in the knowledge that people have come before us in similar situations. Be inspired by the nostalgic wisdom and experience with these thoughtful words to comfort and motivate.

I love these quotes because the more you read them the more they become part of your own inner voice. Helping with our own personal growth and encouraging us to strive for better.

Click here to find the life and inspirational quotes you’ll love. Enter the printables library with over 20 prints to choose from!

A modern living room with a flowers on the coffee table. There are three prints in frames behind the couch.

Vintage quotes for children

We love adding fun sweet quotes to a child’s room to add beauty and help promote a growth mindset for the future.

These beautiful artistic quotes can add a sense of whimsy to your child’s room with lovely thoughtful artwork that reflects an atmosphere of comfort, love, and imagination for the perfect accent to your child’s room décor.

Not only will you love your children to see and be encourage from these timeless pictures, you will love to read and be reminded of life’s positivity and joy.

These artistic prints were thoughtfully created and paired with timeless quotes for you to enjoy for FREE!

Click here to grab your childhood art prints. Look through the Words of Wisdom library for even more pints to choose from!

There is a picture frame on a white table. The frame is a print of English country home. There is a vintage quote on the side. There is a white vase and a cup with paintbrushes in it.

Hope you enjoy this collection! Let me know what you would like to see next!

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