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A braided bread loaf that has been but to show the inside. There is a knife with butter on it.

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An apple pie with a lattice crust top.
A large white bowl with pasta in it. There are large chunks of beef and cream sauce. To the side is a bowl of noodles. On the other side is the beef mixture.


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Some recipe cards in a wooden frame

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Free printable recipe cards

Starting your own family cook book has never been easier. Check out the FREE PRINTABLES library for many different recipes and designs. Easy to download and print at home!

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Vintage Quotes

A woman spinning in a field with the sun set behind her.

Hi there!

I’m Rebecca

Culinary creator and domestic darling to my family of 6. We live in the quiet great white north.

Creating a homemade vintage charm life with deliciously simple vintage recipes and old-fashioned skills! Get to know me!

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Deliciously simple vintage recipes

Homemade food that’s simple and easy to make. Let’s bring back those cozy recipes just like Grandma used to make (and in fact did… most of these are from my grandmother’s recipe box!)

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Behind the recipes

Hi, I’m Rebecca

Culinary creator and domestic darling to my family of 6! I learned most of my culinary prowess from my grandmother. She was a life long learner and curator of hundreds of heirloom recipes from her family and friends.

I also took culinary arts in college and then worked in a restaurant for years! But these old-fashioned gems are still the recipes I come back to again and again!

Because there is nothing quite like a cozy meal from grandma’s kitchen!

An antique picture of a woman standing on the front steps of a house.

Old-Fashioned Skills

Tried and true things stick around for a reason! See all in old-fashioned skills

nostalgic crafts

ok, so I’m a big fan of crochet! Here you will find free crochet patters and other nostalgic crafts for the home!

A document with family history questions. There are three black and white picture in the foreground.

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Family History Project

Get to know the members of your family and preserve your family legacy with free printable interview project

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Some easy and delicious breakfast recipes to bring the whole family to the table!