Three kids standing on rocks looking out over the ocean.

Prince Edward Island: Food, Fun, and Sand!

During our summer vacation this year, we traveled to Prince Edward Island for some food, fun, and sand! My whole family loves it there, so we spent two full weeks this year!

We filled up on ice cream, played in the water, enjoyed amazing food, and relaxed at the cottage. What more could you ask for in a summer vacation?!

If you’ve never been, here are some highlights you must check out!

Three kids standing on rocks looking out over the ocean.


First of all, this goes without saying… the beaches! Is there anything kids love more than going to the beach? Prince Edward Island has amazing white and red sand beaches. Lots of shell hunting, and mostly chilly waters to jump and splash in. But no one seemed to mind.

Our favorite white sand beach was singing sands, in the Basin head provincial park. When you slide your feet in the sand, it makes a unique squeaking sound! This beach had a lot of crab shells at it and you could walk out in the water pretty far without it getting deep.

Brackley Beach had the best waves, for our children’s version of body surfing. We have been to Brackley Beach on our previous trip to Prince Edward Island. I think it was the one we spent the longest time at. The kids jumped, and dove, and swam all day. They never wanted to leave! This is one of the more popular beaches so it was more crowded than some that we had been to. It still had lots of room for everyone to play and run around. Don’t miss this one!

Cavendish is a wonderful beaches with sand dunes. Cavendish is also a pretty busy spot on the Island, not so much so that it should deter you from going. Even during the busier times, there is plenty of space to enjoy yourself. Cavendish is were most of the Anne of Green Gables tourist sites are.

Greenwich Beach, with its long boardwalk, was another favourite. It also had amazing sand dunes, beautiful trails, and a fun interpretative centre the kids enjoyed doing activities in.

The beach at the West Point Lighthouse had so many shells to collect! We were there on a cool misty day and it made everything look spectacular! We spend a lot of time playing at that beach and touring the lighthouse. It is one of Canada’s most haunted places. However, we did not know that at the time. We only learned about it recently, after returning home. We did spend time in the lighthouse, but we did not experience any ghosts or anything spooky. They have added a building onto the lighthouse and have transformed it into a hotel as well. I believe some of the rooms are in part of the lighthouse! It might be a fun place to stay whether or not you are into paranormal activity!

Finally, the beach in Victoria-by-the-Sea. We were there at low tide and stayed until the tide started coming in. The kids drew pictures in the sand and watched the ocean chase us back in! Victoria-by-the-sea is a super cute little seaport town, that really comes alive in the summer, during the tourist season. In reality, off season, only a handful of people live there fulltime!

Our favourite experience

Beach goats is our favourite place we went. They have about 25 goats and you get to play with them on the beach at the back of the property. They have a lot of other activities there you can try out. Most of the activities the goats can come along with you!

Our kids tried out paddle boards, which they loved and were able to get the hang of balancing on them pretty much right away. They went together out on some paddle boats as well. It was really great since they had not had those experiences before! You get to do a lot of different experiences all in one place!

The kids chased around, and got to hold the baby goats. They would sit and feed the mama goats, and played fetch, in the water, with the dogs! There were lots of sand toys for the littlest guys too!

The owner and her family were so nice it felt like we were visiting friends! We were there for hours! The owner let us know they also do playgroups, goat yoga, hikes, snowshoeing (in the winter), and many more. No matter what time of year you are visiting it is worth a trip out to see the goats!


Since we were in Prince Edward Island, we had to experience everything Anne of Green Gables! There are so many Anne related things to do here. Some of our favourites included:

Taking the girls to the ‘Anne and Gilbert’ play in Charlottetown. It was the first time the girls had been to a live play, and they were so excited! The play was perfect for any age group. We were fully entertained from beginning to end!

The Anne of Green Gables House, and L.M. Montgomery's Homestead. The Homestead is where the author actually grew up and the Green Gables House was a family members house she would stay at and is the house the books were inspired by. Both are really beautiful locations to tour around and explore.

An outside view of the Anne of Green Gables farm.

Avonlea was also a great stop. They have transported historical buildings, most of which the author had a personal connection to, and have shops and restaurants set up in them. From the outside it looks like a quaint historical village, but when you walk into one of the buildings you might find a chocolate shop, or a restaurant to grab a quick meal!

Other must-do experiences!

We saw, and climbed, many lighthouses. We watched the seals, and visited The Bottle Houses in Wellington.

A girl walking in a church made from recycled bottles. There is a boy at the front of the church.

Amazing Food!

Food is something the island is known for. They have so many different ice cream shops and so many unique things to try. Some things we loved were spaghetti ice cream at Holman's, handmade Rolled Ice Cream at Truck and Roll, Cow's Ice Cream (Cow Chips are my son’s favourite!). Hand pies at The Hand Pie Company, Raspberry Cordial, Receiver Coffee, and clam chowder at the Point Prim Chowderhouse.

A bowl of rolled ice cream. There is whipped cream and chocolate chips on top.

The Perfect grilled-cheese sandwich

In fact, everyone enjoyed the food at the Point Prim Chowderhouse. My youngest daughter has been talking about the grilled cheese sandwich she had there, ever since! She says it is the best sandwich she has ever had! I have tried multiple time to recreate this, perfect sandwich, and finally success!

I made sourdough bread the other day. It fermented in the fridge extra long. I didn’t think she would like it, since it had a stronger taste than normal. But, in fact, when I made her a grilled cheese sandwich, she was amazed! She said it was the same sandwich she had in PEI!

So, If you want the The Perfect Make at home Grilled Cheese Sandwich, make it on long-fermented sourdough bread!

There is a woman dunking a grilled cheese sandwich into a bowl of tomato soup.

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